Finally, the marketing muscle you need to get big results.

When you’re ready for strategy-driven marketing support but aren’t ready for a full-time hire, we can help.

Fractional Marketing Services for B2B Businesses


Actionable Strategies


Measurable Results


Fast Returns

Have you outgrown your current marketing strategy?

Every successful B2B business reaches a point when they outgrow the marketing tactics that brought early success.

If you’re spinning your wheels with marketing efforts
that still don’t


Generate enough qualified leads


Create visibility and buzz


Convert your audience into buyers


Drive sales and revenue through the roof

Frustrated because what you’re doing isn’t working but you’re not sure why?

We Can Help.

Get an outside perspective and a fresh strategy to jumpstart your marketing.

Where do you need us most?


Marketing Performance Audit

A deep dive into your current efforts to reveal where you can cut spending, get quick wins, and sustainably grow.

We’ll create a strategy you can run with.


Advisory Services

A collaborative approach to help you succeed.

We’ll outline a customized plan, keep your team accountable and on track to your goals.

Full-On Implementation

Retain us as your Fractional CMO.

We’ll execute your marketing – providing a cohesive strategy, delivering reports and results working in 90 day sprints.

Brands We’ve Helped Grow

Why Fractional Marketing Solutions?

Because you deserve marketing muscle from a strategist and practitioner.

Forget out-of-touch gurus or task managers who only care about checking a box. You deserve Big Picture help. That’s why Message & Funnel helps B2Bs navigate the digital marketing world with CMO-level strategic guidance and pragmatic hands-on support. We don’t simply deliver strategies, clarify your messaging, or create social and digital lead gen campaigns — we make it all work seamlessly for ultimate results.

Put our 20 years of experience delivering rapid results and revenue growth for B2B startups and Fortune 500s to work for you.

There are a million marketing directions you could go.
Let’s focus on the one that will actually work for your B2B.

Here’s how we do it:

Step One in working with Fractional Marketing Solutions

Get your customized Marketing Audit.

We’ll identify what’s working, what’s not, and provide a comprehensive plan to fill in the gaps.

Step Two in working with Fractional Marketing Solutions

Score some quick wins.

Your performance audit will reveal quick wins & low effort actions you can take now for immediate results.

Steps to working together at Message & Funnel

Experience sustainable growth.

Put long-term success into motion with a 90-day growth-focused plan and strategies to move you forward.

There are 3 ways to work with us:


Marketing Performance Audit Only


Advisory to Your Team


Full-on Implementation

So, what will it be?

Results Matter.

"Yvonne is an excellent collaborator who knows how to make great stuff happen in marketing Our very first project together achieved a 177% ROI – and it’s likely to hit around 250%on rollout."

– Robert Rosenthal, Agency Founder, Marketing Consultant, Author

In addition to being a strategic marketer, Yvonne is a business professional who understands the role marketing plays in modern business. Her understanding of marketing technologies and tactical techniques helps drive client success via programs that are not theoretical but can actually be implemented and scaled. She is committed, organized and dependable - attributes that can't be overstated when serving as a trusted advisor."

Maureen Robinson, Marketing Director, Security Innovation

Ready to trade frustration for long-term marketing success? We can help.

Get clear on where you are and where you want to go.
Start your Marketing Audit now.

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5 Reasons Your Marketing Message is Falling on Deaf Ears

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